Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Choose Love...

I choose love,
From the moment when I get up,
To the closing of the day,
And when I'm sleeping,
I choose love.

I choose peace...

I choose joy...

© 1999 Bettina Makley

I am sharing this, today, in the hope that it will bring some comfort. I wrote this song to comfort myself, during hard times. We have the power to choose. At the very least, we have the power to heal. Today, I will focus on LOVE and HEALING. I am sharing this "candle", if you will, and if any of you would like to share it, feel free. Please, do not use it for personal gain or attach it to any negative images, but DO share it for singing. It's an affirmation that I truly believe in.

Brightest Blessings in dark times....

ई चूसे लोवे

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