Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surprise! Some art.

Maybe, I'm actually settled enough, again, to start posting to this blog.  It's a nice little blog and I have been neglecting it.

I have a lot to catch this blog up on, including another life revamp, more spiritual awakenings and reports on life in New Orleans,  but for now ... just to get my blogging feet wet, again ... I'll just post some art.

"Spirit Bear" was painted with acrylics on recycled cardboard from a cracker box.  There's also a little paper texture added, which makes it a mixed media piece.  I did it for a friend who has bear as a totem. Spirit bears are real and they are endangered.  A little searching in Google images will bring up lots of cool pics and there's also a video on Youtube.

OK, the blog-block is broken.  Let's see where this goes ...