Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Splashing Around!

I'm still splashing paint around in my 9 x 12", mixed media journal. Playing with ghosting, stamping, spraying and stenciling.

Honestly, I have no idea where these are going, but I'm sure they will let me know, eventually.

In the mean time, they are helping me relax and regroup in a wild and crazy world.

While on my crazy journey, I came across this tree. Still needs something, but it will wait for me to figure that out. My journals are very loyal.

Well...quick updates are better than NO updates.

Until next time!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hold on thar, Baba Looey!!!!

UPDATE!!!! 4/07/11: Just too attached to this blog. I was nervous about using the newer design elements in here, and so just started a new blog. As I look over this site, I realize I have some followers here...and I really invested a lot of time over the last few years, until my computer crashed, just as I was working on a new image for the header. I felt discouraged for a long time, but I like this blog...and I've decided to keep updating it. I's wishy-washy behavior...but hey...I'm human.

I'm keeping the new blog, too, but will use it in a different way. Perhaps to showcase my photography and adventures in NYC, as that seems appropriate. Anyhoo, I'll be updating this blog, soon with new images and new experiments from The Lab. There's a lot bubbling over, in there. :)

Much more to come!!!

BTW, the pic is from my latest art journal. I've fallen in love with a 9" x 12" mixed media journal I bought at Blick, in Manhattan, but you can get a really cool combo of this journal and a hard cover sketch book, inexpensively, HERE, as well.

Happy experimenting!