Saturday, May 12, 2007

Story Tellers

So...I've been making these "Spirit Rattles". It's been a long time, since I've put this much love into my work. There's something about them. I mean, I like drawing and painting and I've really enjoyed creating ACEOs, but these, little, musical instruments come from a deeper place, within. It's hard to explain. Perhaps it is what people have felt for thousands of years, as they create...and pray...with rhythm.

My latest rattle was inspired by the Pueblo Storyteller Dolls. My Mom collected storytellers. I couldn't help but think of her, as I worked the clay. She gave me a storyteller ornament for Christmas, once. When she died, several of her storytellers came to me. If she were alive, this year, this rattle would surely have been her Mother's Day present.

I borrow from many different traditions, as I develop my personal connection to my Creator. To me, as in Native American culture, the making of a Spirit Rattle is a sacred act. I start my day in the studio with ceremony for healing and cleansing, before I begin working. I do my best to keep my thoughts positive and loving throughout my day, but especially while working on my rattles...though they make it easier. It's hard to feel bad with one in my hands.

Each Spirit Rattle is one-of-a-kind and each has it's own, special energy. Since I work from intuition, it's always interesting to see who shows up. :)


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