Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Notebook!

It may be a little while, yet, while I get used to this thing, but I'm finally back on line with a new lap top! This could be a bit dangerous, because I can go anywhere, now and type stuff. Particularly frightening is the fact that I can sit in the Satellite Lab (my bed) and connect. If I'm not careful, I might never get out!

I haven't loaded any programs or learned to add pictures from my camera, but that will come in the next few days and I have been creating, so I will have colorful things to share, soon!

In deepest gratitude to a very special benefactor who has asked to remain anonymous.



Robbie said...

yayy! miss you!!
:-) robbie

Tamara said...

New laptop - very cool.


Kims Art said...

You are going to love the lap top. I got one six months ago and it is awsome! I am so glad you are back online!

sarah said...

I often use my laptop in bed. cozy!