Monday, October 1, 2007

Needle Felted: "Devotion"

Here's another quick update with pics of my latest. I've become fascinated with miniature, needle felted pictures. My latest is a two inch oval called "Devotion".

See my other tiny "paintings", as my friend Melanie calls them, in my EBay listings. There is so much love and passion in my work, lately. I just can't get enough wool! This will be a great art form to curl up with, this winter!

I'm also adding a pic of "Fishies".

I still haven't listed "Harvey and His Pooka". It's so hard to detach, sometimes.

Many blessings of creativity!!


Lance said...

I like "Fishies"...
and "Devotion" is just cool enough to be a gift to anyone who is (hopefully) coming back to us soon.
I know you spent one lot of time on that one.
Awesome job, luv.
Love ya!!

orion713 said...

Both of these are stunning!