Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here Comes The Sun...maybe.

At least, I think that's where I'm going with this. Another intuitive sculpture with some cool, new fluff that came in the mail, today! It's so nice to be working in yellows.

This is a work in progress and I'm thinking about a sun...but these things have a way of running away with me, so who knows what it will really end up becoming. Whatever it becomes, you can be sure I will be back to post about it (Creator willing and the Ohio River don't rise).

I wanted to mention, here that my practice in sculpting in polymer and other clays has come in very handy in this art form. The parts and pieces come together in much the same way, as with clay, but instead of using my fingers and other tools, I am using a single needle.

If you are interested in this art form and have never sculpted anything, before, I highly recommend checking out some books on polymer character building. If you are already building in clay, then you shouldn't have any problem creating fun characters with wool...but a word of warning...If I had sculpted this head in polymer, it would have taken me about thirty minutes or less. I've spent the last FIVE HOURS working on this face....and there's still a long way to go!

I have a whole new appreciation for the time spent creating needle felted characters. No regrets, though. It's the most fun, relaxing thing I've done in a long time.

Well...I'm off to make dinner.



Lance said...

"Here Comes the Sun"....hmmmmm....catchy. Oughta be a song. lol
Whatever it eventually turns into will be awesome, as it's waaay cool NOW!!!
Keep jabbin', darlin'.
I love you!!

Moss and Pixie said...

Yes, I am here to tell ya, needle felting IS addicting ! For me it was a "gateway" to the whole world of fiber arts. Now I am addicted to wet felting, spinning, dyeing and weaving as well.

BTW ~ thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your nice comments ! Your work, all of it, is gorgeous as well ! Do you sell your stuff ?

Love n Light ~ Pixie

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

Thanks, Pixie!

You know, my Mom was a sewer and taught me lots about fabric and fibers. She taught me to embroider and crochet (a bit). My sister, Ruth of "Mary and Mom" is now in business with her daughter making the most scrumptious tie-dye! I've been dropping hints to her about fiber dying and she's thinking about it. I DO sell some stuff on EBay and there is a link from my Blog front page and if we can keep our heads above water for just a few more months, we are planning to open a real-time shop for unusual creative supplies, plus a gallery for our family's creative projects.

Love and light back atcha! Thanks, I need some, today!