Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spread Too Thin!

Really … it's all Facebook's fault.  I post there regularly with little time for that, much less this old blog of mine, but every time I come here, I regret not spending more time.

Since last I posted, I have returned from my extended reconnaissance mission to New Orleans.  My life has been about un-packing, organizing, cleaning, entertaining for the holidays and some important birthdays including my grandson, Robbie and my daughter, Sarah, so I'll need to back-peddle, just a bit.

While I was in New Orleans (NOLA),  I developed a style of painting on tiny canvases made of fringed, Belgian linen.  I acquired a license to sell art on Jackson Square where I hung my little pieces along with some of my larger art on canvas.  My "Baby" abstracts were pretty well received and I loved painting them!

Baby Abstracts by Bettina Makley

I also used these, little canvases for illustration-style paintings, which often evolved, spontaneously, from the abstracts.  The paintings below are mixed media pieces.  Created in layers, I would start with loose color, add the black and white, paper texture as a second layer, then add a detailed painting on top of that.  I always used the same paper, to keep the style consistent.  After that, it was anything goes.


I still, very much, enjoy working in this smaller scale.  For my children's birthdays, I painted their Zodiac signs.

OK, now I have the urge to paint!  See?  Spread too thin.  I need to spread some paint around.


Bettina Makley 2014

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