Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to Library Pockets...

Just thought I would pop in and add some pics of the latest stuff I've been making.

While zoning in front of the TV, during all this heat, I kept up with my "thread noodling" and came up with these little guys. They are made from two pieces of plastic canvas, so they are puffy and two-sided (the pics show front and back). I think they might make pretty cool charms (maybe I'll add some beads). If you want to know more about artist charms, here's a cool link.

Before it got too hot, I was in the studio, creating more "supplies" for myself. Here are my latest papers and library pockets. Yes...there's a new book, stewing.

I'm off to do some housework, now. It's about time.

ई चूसे लोवे

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